R & R Choir

Rhythm & Roots Choir

Tuesdays - from 07.00pm till 08.30pm
Venue: Salisbury Arts Centre, Bedwin St, SP1 3UT

Rhythm and Roots is a weekly singing workshop which takes the form of a choir. The material we work on will be drawn from folk, blues and world music - music which has arisen from humanity’s everyday struggles and celebrations. My job is to help each participant to connect with their natural voice and sense of rhythm and as a group, we’ll endeavour to produce truly moving music, sung from the heart.

The healing effects of music, and singing in particular, are being discovered by neuroscience all the time. Music stimulates so many parts of the brain that not only can it help dementia patients but can even help people with learning difficulties learn to read. We, who love music and singing don’t need neuroscience to tell us how it uplifts us, evokes memories and feeds our souls. I like the way Rhythm and Roots can be abbreviated to R&R which can also stand for rest, recuperation, retreat, relaxation and sometimes even raucousness. My holistic approach to vocal training will involve all of the above.

If you can hold a tune, come on down. No prior training is necessary.

Price: £9.00 per session. £7.50 if committed to pay for whole term. Payable 4 weekly. Contact info@heartvox.com to book or register interest.