Just saw the lovely Jack Savoretti being interviewed on a Saturday morning cookery show. Jack was my student for about a year earlier in his career. His management at the time wanted me to mould him into a Chris Martin in a typical music industry ploy to turn an artist into a clone of the latest big thing. I encouraged Jack to ignore this advice and develop his obvious authentic voice. He is still the same charming, sincere and artistic chap. Glad he freed himself from those influences and has found the success he deserves.
Still think he smokes too much though. The gravel is growing :)

Hi Folks,

Due to some last minute cancellations, I have a few places left for  my “Singing for Health and Healing” workshop this Saturday. It will be held in the Salisbury area from 02.00pm till 05.00pm and will be charged at the discounted rate of just £15.00. If you are interested, contact me on info@heartvox.com


This flier is for the last time I facilitated this workshop. Here are some comments from the participants:

” Just Wonderful & marvellous in every way, Thank you so much” E
“Fantastic” J
“A most enjoyable afternoon”  Ana Watts
“Very Uplifting and Fun, I feel quite blown away :) ” Dee Terry
” Wonderful, A really joyous experience”  Sara
“Did everything it said on the tin and more, Thanks for a wonderful afternoon ”  A P


I’ve decided to repeat my “Singing for health and healing” workshop on the 4th of July 2015. A few people missed the first one so this is a last minute decision. A few places remain if anyone is interested. It will be held in the Salisbury area. Contact info@heartvox.com for details. Thanks, Mae